Mother Superior

Saleema Nawaz

(February 18)
I was working on this cover this morning. The lead story Mother Superior is about a pregnant woman who, even though she is expecting, doesn't bother to tame her wild lifestyle. She takes obvious risks that could cause damage to the fetus. The image of the baby carriage, from Battleship Potemkin, going down the stairs came to me.

In a nutshell it shows a baby in danger. The author suggested an image of religious candles which comes from the story. I found this image of a baby carriage candle and thought it could be interesting. It alternates between being bizarre/cute/scary all at the same time.

(February 19)
Publisher liked the direction but felt it was too pretty and not edgy enough. She also suggested adding more colour to make it pop. I also introduced another dimension to concept by having the candle melt in stages.