First in a redesign of a series for Lux Éditeur.

Final with preliminary sketch below. Couldn't resist another stab at the Eiffel Tower.

Really loved this novel by South Korean novelist Bae Suah. Final cover with preliminary sketches below. 

Final with preliminary below.

Preliminary sketch for this one.

Final cover with preliminary options below.

I wrestled this cover out of author supplied photo below.

From the vault.

Cover for Lux Éditeur. Between 1980 and 2012 almost 1200 aboriginals have either disappeared or been murdered in Canada. The cases have received little attention. This is the true story of two girls who went missing in 2008 and have never been found.

Unused cover sketch for this one with selected cover below.

This is the 6th cover I have done for Quai No. 5. The novel is centred around rue Saint-Hubert in Montréal. Here is the text that I used as the inspiration for the cover; “il rêve qu’il et comme une livre...chaque page est un autre lui” (he dreams that he is like a book...each page is another version of himself). 

Cover for an upcoming novel for Vehicule Press.

Cover for John Ralston Saul’s upcoming book for Penguin. It will be printed letterpress.

New series design

Series of 4 novels for vlb editeur. The same plane crash (vol 459) is told from the point of view of 4 different characters. Planes on covers have spot UV