Unused illustration for an article on crying at the office.

We have had a total of 6 dogs since we moved out to the farm in 1995, and actually just acquired another stray we found curled up in a snowbank on the side of the road. This door shows part of that history. Two rotten westies were responsible for the scratches below the handle and my friend Beau for the ones above it.

work in progress

work in progress

I think for this one I was really just looking for an excuse to buy that Strangelove font.

This is the secondary illustration for the same article below.

logo project in progress

I am working on this logo for my local library. The library is no longer little and it isn't green anymore so the challenge was to find a way of showing both the history of the library while also highlighting the fact that it has moved into a new larger facility.

Men’s Health Magazine

This is my current wallet used in an Illustration for the April issue of Men's Health. My old wallet made an appearance on a book cover.

work in progress

source image

This image was developed for another cover that was never used. It just seemed right for this book.

work in progress

Another one for the Salon des refus├ęs

He has a reputation as one Canada's worst Prime Ministers - perhaps undeservedly so. In the end we decided to go in a different direction.

New Series

I am working on this series of books dedicated to municipal government. There will be 6 in all, each with a different configuration of coloured blocks which represents the contours/grid of a municipality.

Casual Optimist

The inimitable Dan Wagstaff at the Casual Optimist did an interview with me about my work.

I was backing up some old files and found this unpublished illustration I did for a piece on selling condoms to children.