Forkhill Protestants, Forkhill Catholics

A social history of protestants and catholics in Forkhill parish on the Ulster borderlands between 1787 and 1858. The author contends that there was a greater degree of cooperation and exchange between Catholics and Protestants than the historical record has acknowledged. One house, two chimneys, both faiths.


I have done a couple of journal redesigns recently and love the challenge of showing "different but the same" as my old boss used to say. The treatment is based on the cover of XXe Siecle magazine from 1938 (below).

I was backing up some old covers and came across this one again. The biggest pitfall when doing scholarly books are those wordy titles and subtitles - how to manage all that type. I love it when they keep it to a minimum like this.

Blogger was having technical problems yesterday and this post got deleted.

One of my favourite presses is celebrating their 50th year. They were among my first clients and I have been doing their covers for the last 15 years - roughly 120 and counting. This is their current catalogue cover that I just designed.

This novel has lots of rock and roll references and deals with the tragic end of a friendship. I like the fact that a scratch on an album is like a memory that can’t be erased.

This is for a cover I am working on that is a diary but not in the typical autobiographical sense. The title reflects that in a tongue-in-cheek manner. I immediately thought of that iconic Magritte painting.

This is an illustration for a book cover I am working on. The photographs supplied were all black and white and the publisher wanted to jazz it up a bit.