This is a preliminary image for a novel that is about the crazy mixed up life of a man and his multiple concurrent marriages.

Approval pending

Title refers to small wax wish boats.

Just got approved. Illustration by the very talented Christoph Niemann

These are other ideas for the salon des refus├ęs.
This one is approved. Below is another option I presented.

This is your Brain on Joy

Earl Henslin

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From the cover brief: The central theme of the book is the role played by resentment and revenge in the history – that is, the kind of resentment that emerges out of a form of humiliation or suffering experienced by an individual or group or even a nation, and that subsequently turns into an act of violence or revenge. I think we are going in a different direction on this one but I like the way the image interacts with the type to reinforce the theme of the book.


Don LePan

This cover is going into final production. From the back cover: Animals is a powerful novel set in an indeterminate future in which virtually all the species that humans have for millennia used as food have become extinct; the world this change creates is at once eerily foreign and disturbingly familiar.

I started by purchasing a set of dishes for $16.92 at Canadian Tire and went to work on my back porch

Line art for Delft china elements.

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I just sent this one off. The author, who is of Indian descent, played hockey on a woman's hockey team at a Canadian university and is still an avid hockey fan. I think the cover works on a number of levels but mostly I really like how it challenges notions of Canadian identity.

I Sing the Body Politic

Peter Swirski

Cowboy boots as bookends for the Bush Era.

From the back cover:

The end of George W. Bush's imperial presidency means that the wreckage of the republic's political ideals is now subject to a vigorous reassessment. In essays by five senior scholars, major works of American literature and film are analyzed in the context of a larger set of arguments about American injustice at home and across the empire.

"Though a unique combination of scholarship, readability, and what might be described as moral outrage, I Sing the Body Politic makes its point in a very telling way. Beautifully written, and based on an impressive amount of research, it casts a devastating light on the Bush administration and the political order in recent years."
I found this in the river at the back of our farm. It is part of old tree root that had grown around a small stone.

A really interesting blog for found images:

Divided Korea

Ronald Bleiker

I was given a selection of photographs to work from for this two colour cover. I really loathe duotones and whenever possible I like to use cropping and contrast to give the cover more impact.