This is a book about Aurora Keil and the Aurora Colony, an early utopian communal society in Oregon. She was born in 1849 in Bethel, Missouri and in 1855 traveled with her family to land south of Portland where the Aurora Colony was establish in 1856. The story features recollections of her life as she lies ill from smallpox in 1862 (she died on December 14, 1862) These are images from the book including her actual signature.

Illustration for a book on the skills gap that exists in American companies.

Logo for a new scholarly series. They asked me to use the 4 initials from the series name - SVMC - to create a logo.
work in progress

Hands are tough for a slew of reasons. They always kind of look wonky on a cover. After a lot of back and forth I went with an illustrative approach on this one.