Final version on this one. 

I did the Democracy in What State? cover about 5 years ago and the press asked if I could do another one in the same vein for a follow-up book.

Final cover with preliminary sketches below. The novel features a Michael Jackson impersonator. The challenge was to find of way of showing it without showing it. The image I used as source material is included as well.

A new series design. As my old boss used to say, the trick to doing a series design is that each cover must be different, but the same.

Pollux is the small format paperback imprint for Lux ├ęditeur. They wanted a stripped down design that was just typographic in two colours. The word "Pollux" in the background changes colour with each book.

Another poetry cover with preliminary sketches below.

Final cover for this poetry book with the preliminary sketches below.