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Redesign for this one. From the brief: "a cartographer’s log of an inner landscape"

Last three in this series - total of 18 in all.

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From the brief: "Many of the poems deal with electrons, weather, inside and outside, clouds." They also deal with mortality and lost moments in time. I chose to show a cloud of dust floating across a surface.

I never presented this direction for this cover partly because it uses the work of Robert Therrien and I wasn't sure we could get permission to use it. I seriously considered painting my own red cupboard with red products in it, but realized it wasn't really feasible. From the brief: the book analyzes the RED campaign as a primary example of "compassionate consumption" campaigns, where consumers are urged to buy things to help support various causes. The people who are helped by such campaigns are sold as goods to make Western consumers feel good about themselves.

In the end I went in another direction that will still require a couple of cans of red paint and a willing victim.

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Work in progress.

A book of poetry from a blind poet. I am going with the first option with embossing used on the letterforms under the cloth.

approval pending

Only stipulation was that cover had to feature steampunk and a capybara.

I was on the phone last week with a design student who wanted to ask me some questions about my work. At the end of the call I came to a rather unsettling realization - my work is probably more interesting than I am.