Series, series, series....

We all have to do them once in a while and it is always a challenge. This one is about the geopolitics of resources. I wanted to create a very simple, bold, graphic look for this. The global aspect comes through in the circular element on each cover where the resource is featured.

Sometimes you come up with a solution and think that it is either too obvious or that it must have been done before. This was the first one I came up with and I put it aside for those very reasons but I came back to it in the end and they ended up going for it.

Managed Annihilation

Dean Bavington

From the brief: The commercial cod fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador was once the most successful in the world. When it collapsed in 1992 – causing the largest single-day layoff in Canadian history and irrevocable ecological damage – fishermen, scholars, and scientists pointed to the state management of the fishery as the cause.


Michael Harris

This is the rough sketch that was approved. I am going to have to photograph the detritus in the foreground and integrate it a bit better. It wasn't on the original image.


Strange Bedfellows

This one evolved a bit. The client felt the two books under the same jacket wasn't obvious enough and that it needed to be punchier.

approval pending

This was the photograph supplied. It is definitely interesting and has cover potential but sometimes you just run out of new ways of using archival black and white photography. I wanted to use the image in a more graphic, modern way.