Judging Obscenity

Christopher Nowlin

This cover is progressing. The first sketch which I posted earlier met with a positive reaction with some caveats. The type treatment and overall feeling was too whimsical for the poetry. I turned up the volume and went for a harder edged feel.

2nd sketch

First sketch presented

Montreal's Best BYOB Restaurants

Joanna Fox

Without trying to over think this one too much, I went for a light hearted, fun approach.

Amassing Power

David Massell

From the back cover: At the turn of the century American industrialist J.B. Duke set his sights on one of North America's greatest and most spectacular rivers - the Saguenay ... to develop, and sell its tremendous hydroelectric potential. I was given a stack of photos to work with and this one of Duke in a bowler hat jumped out at me. The curve of his hat and a curve in the famous river.

Another one in this ongoing series. Because showing a specific national currency wouldn't work, the problem became how do you show money without showing it?

Chess Pieces

David Solway

This is one from the vault. It was my first poetry cover. I had to scan all the actual chess pieces because I didn't have a camera yet.

Catalogue Covers

This is a selection of catalogue covers from over the years.

The Lost Franklin Expedition

I guess if you stick around long enough you not only do multiple covers for the same author but also on the same subject matter. The first is a poetry cover about the lost Franklin expedition. It is a three part fold that reveals the graves of the Franklin party on Beechey Island in the Canadian arctic on the last fold. The second book is about to be published and is a collection of letters from Lady Franklin in her quest to find out the fate of her husband.

Running in Prospect Cemetery

Susan Glickman
New and Selected Poems