work in progress

This one would definitely fall into the category of "how do you show it without showing it?"

The Meaning of Cooking

Jean-Claude Kaufmann

I was reading the brief for a new book by the same author as the book below, when I read this "The designer came up with a successful design for Kaufmann’s previous book, The Meaning of Cooking, and this would be a good model to use in this case." I figured step one would be to search for it on Google and when it came up I felt like a bit of an idiot because I had actually designed it.

AAUP 2011 Book and Jacket Show Selections

Now that 50/50 books and covers show has been discontinued the only show and catalogue devoted to book design is the AAUP (American Association of University Presses) Book and Jacket show. Treaty No.9 and The Highway of the Atom won in Scholarly Typographic (entire book) - I did the covers but the amazing David Leblanc did the interior design.

Work in Progress

Re-issue of 1924 novel that deals with class tension and the destruction of coastal forests in British Columbia.

logo in progress for dance company
The only stipulation was that it had to have a foot integrated into it.

Header illustrations for current issue of Smart Money Magazine.

work in progress

A logo for a dance troupe.