Turkish edition of Leaving the Atocha Station by Ben Lerner

Turkish edition of Wittgenstein’s Mistress by David Markson

Kind of cool. Full page ad in The New York Times Book Review section. Did the cover, the ad layout and the press logo.

Recent cover with a preliminary sketch below.

Book cover and imprint design for 4 Elephants Press

The red cover was the first one presented. It was well received but was lacking the “rural whimsy” which is a key part of the book. The cadillac hearse, referred to in the title, dates from the 1930s and this was looking a little too modern.

Temescal is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Oakland, California.

Above is the final cover for this novel. Max Lakeman cuts lawns for a living and has ongoing rendezvous with a mysterious magical goddess figure. His Dog tries to save him from himself. Below is the first sketch I presented and then all the component parts that make up the final image. The dog is my dog Beau - the beautiful stranger who came into my life 6 years ago.

Beau photographed from above in my living room.

Final on this one.

So that it could be photographed I ordered what I thought was one vintage Karter scientific reagent bottle for a total of $28.32. I misread the item information which was for twelve bottles not one.

Another one for the Salon des refusés. Didn’t work out in the end but fun to work on.

These are preliminary sketches for a recent project that didn’t work out in the end – but still fun to work on.

An account of the sensational trial of Robert Notman, brother of the famous Montreal portrait photographer William Notman.

Concept for a cover I am working on. The right wing’s opposition to the Obama presidency.