Misha Glenny


Mark Schapiro

This one was a tough one. The book deals with the global power shift that has occurred in environmental legislation from the U.S. to the E.U. The soft plastic that is found in rubber duckies is considered toxic in Europe but not yet in the United States. The author and publisher felt first concept didn't show the international aspect of the issue. I tried other directions but in the end came back to the first direction and added the globe element and played up the part of the subtitle that gets to the heart of the matter.

Writing the Everyday

Women's Textual Communities in Atlantic Canada
Danielle Fuller

As with most of my covers I did my own photography on this one.

The Danish Experience

Scholarly Press authors always want maps or flags on their covers. In this case I thought there might be a way of using the Danish flag that could be both visually interesting and make reference to its small size as it adapts to the challenges of globalization.

Mapping Postcommunist Cultures

Vitaly Chernetsky

There was just something intriguing about using Ukranian nesting dolls photographed from this perspective. It references globalization and the former Soviet Union in an unusual way.

Two different books on Anglo-Canadian identity

The first shows a classic English teacup with a Canadian twist. This is a two colour cover and it was a bit tricky to separate but successful in the end.

This one started with a simple premise. Could I take all the elements in the Union Jack and create a maple leaf out of them? I started with just a graphic approach but in the end felt it needed a bit of dimensionality.

Carol Shields and the Extra-Ordinary

This was another one of those covers where the editors insisted on the use of a particular photograph. In this case a photo of a beauty school from 1927. Shields refers to the photograph in one of her letters. "Did you notice how innocent their earlobes are of earings? An oh, those kiss curls!" According to the author her comments resound with her love of letter writing and her eye for the details of women's lives.

From Power Sharing to Democracy

Sid Noel

This book deals with creating new democratic institutions in areas of the world that have gone through ethnic wars such as Bosnia. I intended the image to represent something that was broken being put back together but my client saw it as picking straws to see who would go first which is equally valid.

One Island, Many Voices

Eduardo del Rio