Awarded to my Great Grandfather “For Cleanest Buildings on a Dairy Farm”

This fall catalogue just went to press. They will create a billboard effect with the covers to create a backdrop at sales conferences - below.

I design covers for presses from pretty much all over the place, and a few that are located in Montréal - all of them english language. Even though I had worked in french for many clients during my 10 years at Cossette Communications in Montréal, french publishing clients in Québec remained elusive. When a french publishing house in Montréal recently asked me to design a logo for their new fiction imprint and to do their cover designs, I leapt at the chance. Below are a sample cover and spine.

A Creative Director at Cossette, claimed that the ultimate test for whether a logo works is how good it looks on a t-shirt. 

This is the final cover for this one with some earlier sketches. It was a tricky one because the novel is based on real people and real events - strife between a mother and a daughter during and after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It really required a photographic approach and I must have looked at hundreds of stock photos to find ones that didn’t look like stock photos but real people - not easy.

Four Elephants Press logo

I have done logos for two new press imprints in the last 2 weeks. Here is the most recent one. The other  I will post next week.