Paperback and cloth edition below.

3 Saints

I designed the logo for the town where I live. The street name font the signage company used is Highway Gothic B.

from the vault

Some of my genre fiction covers from last year or so.

The title of this novel refers to the famous ice storm that hit Quebec in January, 1998. In this remote part of Quebec where I live we were without power for 21 days in the dead of winter. This novel is a “huis clos” (no exit) where members of the same family are trapped in their Outremont home. 

I tried out different items and coated them in ice by periodically spraying water on them in my freezer - see bottom image. We settled on the toy car in the end. 

This is another avenue I explored where the icicles are like knifes pointing at each other to illustrate the tension within the family.