This is a book about Buddhism in Canada. The authors wanted geese on the cover. My goal was to find an unusual way of presenting them.

I think it would almost be impossible to produce an interesting cover using Canada geese from the typical vantage point below. Like all of our national symbols they have been over utilized.

Spring Catalogue cover

One of the issues with doing press catalogue covers is that you are actually designing the spring cover in the fall. We had a severe frost last night so there aren't many flowers left. This was the last one still hanging on.

The author insists on using this image and it sounds like it is non-negotiable. This one is going to be a challenge - but I'm up for it.

approval pending

I presented a couple of options on this one. The book is an evolutionary history of religion beginning with the social lives of our primate ancestors. The author argues that religion is a psychological adaptation and a product of evolution based in the same phenomenon as our childhood need for imaginary friends.

approval pending

Work in progress

Book is about how New Englanders created new myths about the extinction of indian tribes to serve their own colonial interests. No indians, no prior claims to the land.

Animals of My Own Kind

Off to the printer

One of my New Years resolutions was to make my back covers more interesting.

Strange Future

Pessimism and the 1992 Los Angeles Riots
Min Hyoung Song