From the brief: “Rescued from the earth-covered runs of the ancient City at six years old, Tye Ilan entered society deeply and permanently handicapped -- he lacked language. But something in the City had infected him, and now a new generation as well, and as the world grappled with those new beings, able to wield music to move the world around them, Tye found himself buffeted into the center of the struggle for what comes next, after humans.”
Below is the first sketch I did. I liked the fact that the “0” was putting the emphasis on the brain but aside from the fact that the figure is not the right age it was looking more like a non-fiction title.
Illustration for a story about a jewish basketball league.
I was doing some archiving on my computer and came across this sketch I did for the paperback edition of Committed. It almost made it to the finish line but they went in another direction in the end. The cover references this quote from the book "A fish and a bird may indeed fall in love, but where shall they live?" Below are the original source images.
New York Times - Sunday Review.
Illustration in this month’s O Magazine. How green is your house.
This was my first stab at an illustration for an article on election reform.
The AAUP (American Association of University Presses) Book, Jacket and Journal Show just announced their selected entries for 2012. Here are the covers of mine that got it.
My ode to the 1970's hubcap. One of the stories in this collection features a clown at the annual Southeastern Michigan Clown Convention.
For this cover I changed the background inside the silhouette to show more of a winter scene based on some feedback from the Violent World of Parker blog. The motel sign was finessed as well.
This one is ready to go now. It will be matte lamination overall with spot varnish on yellow paint.