Book cover and imprint design for 4 Elephants Press

The red cover was the first one presented. It was well received but was lacking the “rural whimsy” which is a key part of the book. The cadillac hearse, referred to in the title, dates from the 1930s and this was looking a little too modern.

Temescal is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Oakland, California.

Above is the final cover for this novel. Max Lakeman cuts lawns for a living and has ongoing rendezvous with a mysterious magical goddess figure. His Dog tries to save him from himself. Below is the first sketch I presented and then all the component parts that make up the final image. The dog is my dog Beau - the beautiful stranger who came into my life 6 years ago.

Beau photographed from above in my living room.

Final on this one.

So that it could be photographed I ordered what I thought was one vintage Karter scientific reagent bottle for a total of $28.32. I misread the item information which was for twelve bottles not one.