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This was an earlier image I developed which I thought could be perfect for this cover. The book peels the truth off the political candy wrapper and shows how negative partisan politics has gone prime time.

I have started doing some editorial illustration work recently. This one was for a feature about pet statistics.
An unpublished illustration I did for a cover about the secessionist movement in the United States.


The Road to Airstrip One
Ian Slater
This is a three volume biography of the life of Samuel de Champlain from his early years in France to all of his voyages to the new world. For me the challenge with this kind of material is how to present it in a fresh way. I thought it would interesting to use the same portrait of Champlain going from far to close - France to New France.

A new YA fantasy series I am working on. This is one of 5.

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Another one colour cover.

Two more for the Salon des refusés. Not the right approaches for the book but fun to work on nonetheless.

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I designed this cover a couple of years ago.

I knew there would be a second companion book down the line but put off working the details of how they would fit together until later. Well later finally arrived. I like these kind of challenges. You have to work within certain parameters but still find a creative solution.

Both books deal with history of imperialism, capitalism and decolonization. From the brief : “the American empire of possessive individualism” with its pervasive monoculture of corporate privatization” that incorporated Indian territory into ‘the ethos and laws of the empire of private property.”

I picked up on the horizontal bands from the American flag in the first volume, by showing horizontal plots of fenced-off land.