This one required a lot of tweaking to make sure people got the idea readily. One of the last 08 covers - what a year!

Opening Doors Wider

Edited by Sylvia Bashevkin

This is another one of those covers where the title drives the design.

Maisonneuve magazine

The Alcoholhic Monkeys of St. Kitts

I found this in my files when I was cleaning out my office. Maisonneuve is a Montreal based magazine - New Yorker with edge. It was kind of a dream job for a designer. I redesigned the entire magazine from front cover to back including the masthead. It is still going strong today. Check it out.

A Fragile Social Fabric?

Raymond Breton et al.

This cover must have taken an entire day to produce. I literally had to thread each of those needles in photoshop.

Culture and Consumption

Grant McCracken

Book cover as disposable piece of packaging.

Interview with Christopher Tobias

I just did an interview with Christopher Tobias that you can check out here. He is a very talented cover designer and you can check out his own covers here


White and Wilbert, editors

This cover plays off another cover I did recently. I find this happens quite frequently where cover solutions build and play off each other.

The Jugger

Richard Stark

Number 4 in this series. A jugger is a safecracker.

In the Shadow of the Giant

Joseph Contreras