Illustration for an article on the power of verbal conversation in a digital age.

This is a cover I am working on for a history of a beloved Montreal hospital. They wanted to avoid the usual clichéd images associated with hospitals and caregivers. The t-shirt, with the sign pointing to the wearer’s heart, would be part of their existing fundraising activities.

The second cover for this new imprint.

This is one of the first covers for this new imprint. There is a flight on a “montgolfière” (hot air balloon) near the end of the novel and the editor thought it would be cool to show this somehow on the cover. I went through pages of images of hot air balloons and couldn’t find the right one. They sort of fall into the same category as flowers and sunsets – very hard to not have them look hackneyed. The editor wanted the cover to convey “douceur et de violence, de poésie et d’esprit de vengeance”

This is the cover for the Turkish translation of the Brazilian novel The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas first published in 1881. It is narrated by a dead protagonist who tells his life story from beyond the grave.