Hit the Road Jack

Essays on the Culture of the American Road

Only stipulation was to put a goat on the cover.

They wanted this cover to be a riff on vintage jazz album covers.

From the brief: “The book is organized around the series of poems about various grey totes belonging to different members of the poet’s family. It is a collection of elegies on the death, in quick succession, of her father and mother - lessons in goodbye, she calls them. ”
Visual for a cover about a love affair in a Hollywood studio during the silver screen era.

Recent cover for a Turkish publisher I just started working with. Title translates roughly as “the faster I go the less I have”

This is the final cover for this book by the brilliant Josh Freed. The option with the skull below was my first crack at it.


Ok so it’s not a book cover but how many designers can put “feed bag” on their resumés. Most feed bags are just one or two colours, badly printed with a generic cow or chicken graphic on them. Living in farm country I have seen a lot of them. The printer we used for this job started off by saying that rubber printing plates would have a hard time fitting the coloured sections together without gaps occurring, but in his hesitation to say “absolutely not”, I saw an opportunity. It took a whole day on press to get the registration right and in the end it really paid off. I love it when a printer is up for a challenge.

I started off with the banana option below but felt it was a little too cute
and maybe trying too hard, so I put it aside and went for more of a typographic approach. 

I kind of liked the middle one but the feeling was that it was too cartoony so I gave it a more graphic approach.

Another one from the salon des refusés from a while back, that I came across doing my yearly archiving.