From the back of my book shelf
Fresh from the printers
I didn't really think they would go for a real heart on the cover but I gave it a shot. The book chronicles a father's experience with his infant son's serious heart disease. In the end we went with a 3D rendering by the illustrator Jeannie Saylor who was nice enough to let us use it on the cover.
Illustration for NY Times Magazine
From the brief: “Sumptuary laws in 17th century France were the legislated rules that determined what a person was permitted to wear according to his or her social rank. Capitalism exercises the same kind of absolutism, dictating the polarities of rich and poor, luxury and necessity, splendour and squalor.” This is a poetry cover.
From the brief: "According to legend, Achilles used the plant yarrow during the Battle of Troy to help treat wounds. This is how the poet is using the plant in her title: to treat the wound of mortality."