This is novel that features a talking crow. In an earlier sketch I had showed a mink diving under water but there was just something so incongruous about a crow standing in water that was a better fit the tone of the book.

McGill-Queen's Fall Catalogue cover

After all these years with probably 30 catalogue covers under my belt I figured it was time to discover my inner scot. Yes that is the McGill tartan on those sexy shads.

Men’s Health Magazine

Illustration work.

The author suggested using an old map of Canada in this way - highlighting specific regions. I was almost convinced that there was no way to use a map on a cover in an original way any more but I thought this could be interesting.

New poetry cover. From the brief: "a cartographer's log of an inner landscape"

Maybe a little on the obvious side but when I found the image it seemed like a perfect fit with the title.

New packaging project I am working on. There will be a selection of different oils available. It will use a system of two stickers per bottle. Each oil will have a different bottle colour.