Christmas 2009

Beau was hit by a car just before Christmas and after a week in the animal hospital spent the holidays convalescing on the living room floor. Our other dog isn't up for long walks in the snow so up on my shoulders she goes.

The Crow’s Vow

Susan Briscoe

Another Way the River Has

Robin Cody

The author recommended this photo for the cover of the book:

The risk was that the cover might look too sentimental or clich├ęd but I thought there could be an interesting way of making the splashes interact with the title. The photo was manipulated quite a bit to make everything fit. I changed the shirt colour as well to give it a bit more punch.

The author was asked to write 44 letters about the modern world for the Italian daily newspaper, La Republicca which published them serially. The letters capture a world which is in a constant state of flux. The number 44 is made up of the falling letters.

I wasn't sure how I was going to photograph this one to convey the feeling of falling envelopes. I actually started to construct a mobile of envelopes that I was going to photograph from below and then I thought there might be an easier way.