Bush’s Law

Eric Lichtblau

Very simple idea but it seemed perfect for this cover.

Just got approved. This is a poetry cover and this is the part of the poem that inspired it:

...It’s the doorstopper-
ability of phonebooks,
the necessary tubing
that defines
the nothing blowing
thru ducts.
It’s the word “through”
spelled with “u.”
It’s all such
pure products.
This one just went through. That is a book on the cover believe it or not.

The Art of Living Series

Two more in this ongoing series

This cover just got approved. It will be printed on semi translucent paper over a printed case. It is the story a marijuana smuggler in the caribbean. The smuggler's name appears in the negative spaces of the marijuana leaves on the printed case. The three horizontal lines represent the distinguishing markings they but on their shipments.

Blood Pudding

Art Corriveau

This is a book of short stories. The title story was the inspiration for the cover. The lead character Paul had a Mémère (word for grandmother in Quebec) and he remembers a painful episode from this childhood. "She sat in that rocking chair in the kitchen. I was always afraid to find her in there alone. She would pull up her dress so that I could stand closer to her, between her legs. She would call me her little bonhomme. Would kiss me on the lips..." I ordered this vintage apron online and photographed it for the cover.

I am still working on this one. A little more tweaking required but the idea is there.

This is an illustration I did for a cover about the use of wire-tapping on American cititzens. I am working on a second concept which I think will be the chosen one in the end.

Another one for the salon des refusés
I am working on this one right now. It is a book of poetry. This jar of used birthday candles is in one of my cupboards and I've been waiting for the right book to use it on.

Good to a Fault

Marina Endicott

This book is short listed for a Giller prize. The main character is an older woman who is involved in a car accident with another vehicule. From the back cover: "Absorbed in her own failings, Clara Purdy crashes her life into a sharp left turn, taking the young family in the other car along with her. When bruises on the mother, Lorraine, prove to be late-stage cancer, Clara—against all habit and comfort—moves the three children and their terrible grandmother into her own house." She becomes a surrogate mother to the children which as the novel progresses gives her life a new richness and meaning. It is fleeting however as the mother of the children eventually recovers and takes back her children.

The idea for this cover came from a wall in our house where our kids marked their heights from an early age. I am sure the same wall can be found in any house with children. In the case of the wall markings on the cover there is only one or two entries, as it were, because the children were not there long enough. Her experience echoes that of any parent. Your children pass through your life and then they are gone, leaving behind only remnants of their presence.

Everything You Know about Indians Is Wrong

Paul Chaat Smith

This has already been posted but there are two updates. The author gave his approval and I made contact with the photographer who is letting me use the image. Here is what the author had to say: "The solution you've provided combines the issues of representation, history, museums, and art in one striking and elegant package. Although my approval is not required, if it were this concept has my enthusiastic endorsement." Part of what I love about doing cover design is where a design can take you. I often find images all over the internet and with a bit of determination I can usually track down the photographer and get permission to use the image. It presents a nice alternative to only relying on Royalty Free stock. Thanks to faboo mama for the photograph. Check out her blog.

2nd option presented