Sketch for upcoming catalogue cover. Hand lettering will remain but final will use textured papers.

Big Oil as rapacious sea serpent. Another one for the Salon des refus├ęs

This is the source photograph from Shutterstock.

Book covers to flour bags - just got this from the printers.

I am sure every cover designer can relate to this. How many times are you supplied with a black and white image for a cover and have to make it visually interesting? I don't think I have another duotone effect left in my arsenal. I really liked this image of an aboriginal youth striking an Elvis pose for a book on aboriginal music in Canada - not the kind of image usually associated with this kind of music - but couldn't get it to work using duotones, tritones, sepiatone etc. Instead, I played around with it in Photoshop by adding colour and filters and arrived at something more graphically interesting. This is still a work in progress and needs some finessing but I like where it is going.

New Web Site

After 10 years I figured it was time to update my website

The Boy

Betty Jane Hegerat

This is a work of fiction based on the murder case of Robert Cook, who in 1959 murdered his entire family. From the back cover: ...the author and her narrator engage in a dialogue that explores what drives a young boy to murder, and what ultimately constitutes reality and fiction.

The cover image is a crime scene photo of the families shoes.

Went in another direction but this was one of the initial sketches.

Cover art for a book on the history of Portland.

another work in progress

I found an old school furniture catalogue which happened to cover the period in the book perfectly.

Work in progress

As is often the case with scholarly books this cover came with suggested artwork (below). For the me the challenge is always finding a new way of presenting it. In this case I wanted to show her dual lives.

One from a couple of years back.