Jaspreet Singh

This is the second cover I have done for this writer. 17 Tomatoes was the first one. Jaspreet was involved in the creative process for both covers in ways that really added a lot to the final result. After I came up with concept of using a red cricket ball to tie into the "red tomatoes" from the title of 17 Tomatoes, Jaspreet tracked down an actual cricket ball and suggested using the tiger as an appropriate image.

Chef takes places on the Siachen Glacier on the border between India and Pakistan. This disputed territory is a war zone on the top of the world. From the cover copy: "Chef Kirpal, seriously ill, returns to Kashmir after a gap of fourteen years to cook a wedding meal for a General's daughter." His father is buried in a cravace inside the glacier and he is also on a journey to excavate the body. The first sketch I did using spices and a piece of ice was not representative of the novel. In my discussion with Jaspreet he explained that Chef had another important meaning that I was missing - a military commander. The second option I presented showed the actual glacier and had a feeling of drama that I really liked. I was getting close but it was still laking another dimension. I found the image of a cravace on the Siachen Glacier on the website of an Indian photographer. He gave us permission to use it after 2 or 3 attempts at navigating the language barrier. For once the use of "a novel" is not a gratuitous design element. It indicates the point that is the focus of his journey. He would like to excavate a part of his past that has kept him moving forward.

option 1