Broccoli and Other Tales of Food and Love

Lara Vapnyar

Just received the printed cover for this one. I have a joke with one of my clients about whether a particular cover is a front seater or a back seater. When I go into Montreal to pick up a printed cover I have an hour and a half drive home. If I am happy with how everything came together I put the book in the front passenger seat so I can look at it all the way home. This one is a front seater. Some covers are the result of a real collaborative process. Jonathan Sainsbury, the creative director at Pantheon, steered this one along and made some great suggestions like dropping the word broccoli from the title and oversaw a problem with the initial printing. I tend to focus too much on just the cover design and neglect things like cloth color. His choice of the light green cloth adds a really nice detail and makes the whole thing complete.